Pope Support Grows Amongst Liberal Extremists

A report shows that “transgender” prostitutes are celebrating Pope Francis for a November 9 Vatican announcement allowing “transgender” individuals to be baptized.

The Vatican declared transgender persons may be Godparents and baptized as Catholics when there is no danger of producing a public scandal or confusion among the faithful. Transgender godparents were banned by the Vatican in 2015. In March, the US Catholic Bishops banned sex reassignment procedures in Catholic hospitals.

Medications, money, and hair care products are provided to the prostitutes by the Vatican. Many Latin American “transgender” prostitutes benefited from the Vatican’s special first-in-line distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations during the epidemic.

In Texas, the diocese of Tyler dismissed Bishop Joseph Strickland from his position on Sunday after his online comments in which he said Pope Francis was undermining the Deposit of Faith. The pope’s purported views and remarks on divorce, abortion, and gay marriage, homosexual and “transgender” Catholics were the target of Strickland’s criticism.

In a July letter to cardinals, Pope Francis hinted that the Church may bless same-sex marriages. According to Catholic teachings, marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman.

In a March interview, the Pope criticized gender ideology, stating that it blurred distinctions and the worth of men and women and deemed it dangerous.

A report shows Francis has made combating climate change a central theme throughout his ten years as pope. In October, he issued an apostolic exhortation stating that the world is collapsing and may be reaching the breaking point due to this phenomenon.

The pope singled out the US in his Laudate Deum letter, blaming an “irresponsible” lifestyle for exacerbating the global catastrophe.

Although Francis has been vocal in his criticism of alarmism and a “politics of fear” as threats to democracy, he constantly uses these tactics to rally support for his climate change agenda.

In August of last year, over 1,600 distinguished scientists, including two Nobel laureates, issued the “World Climate Declaration,” in which they boldly stated that there is no climate emergency.

Some of the claims made in the Declaration include that CO2 is not a pollutant, climate change has never exacerbated natural catastrophes, and climate models cannot adequately predict global warming.