Princess Kate Turns Down Child Asking For An Autograph

A report reveals the Princess of Wales, age 41, made an unexpected appearance at the first-ever Children’s Picnic, where she taught a few elementary schoolers an unwritten royal rule.

Catherine Middleton told the children her name, and when they inquired why she wouldn’t sign her autograph. she reportedly told them it was a rule.  Middleton said that she couldn’t write her name but added that she could draw instead.

The princess reportedly sketched a flower for Ruby, 7, a tree for a small girl, and a pool of water with flowers for another youngster, all of whom were present at the press conference.

Royals are allowed to sign guest registers at formal functions, but why can’t royalty sign autographs for fans?

A report explains the reason behind this is to prevent the public from gaining knowledge of how to fake royal signatures. Also, meeting and greeting every fan who wanted a signature would take hours. 

However,  you can pay to have your favorite royal sign a collectible item.

Middleton told the youngsters who joined her on her surprise visit to the Royal Entomological Society garden that her youngest son, Prince Louis, had recently taken to gardening.

Middleton said that at school, Louis is cultivating broad beans. When you plant them inside a cup, you can see how the roots develop.  They grow rapidly, much like sunflowers, she said.

Middleton spoke to the students about the value of time spent in nature. She said it was very beneficial for the body and mind. 

The royal couple’s visit comes after Prince William posted a clip of himself rowing with the mental health-focused submarine squad HMS Oardacious on Instagram.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have long been supporters of mental health awareness, and in 2016, they created the Heads Together initiative, which incorporates an effort to tackle prejudice and alter how people speak about mental health alongside raising money for a variety of cutting-edge new mental health services,  as stated on the initiative’s website.