Professional Thieves Stealing Hermes Bags Worth Millions in UK and US

In viral video footage, you can watch masked thieves take designer handbags valued at over $2 million from a Miami Beach luxury hotel.

Two males, one wearing a high-vis jacket, were seen on camera on March 22  breaking into the Maison Wrist Aficionado store, which is situated within the Setai Hotel.

Sixty Hermes purses, valued between $20,000 to $35,000 apiece, are among the items they seize.

After the two robbed the store, they fled in different cars.

Eduardo Travieso Garcia, the owner of the vehicle in question, was apprehended by the police within hours and reportedly confessed to the entire crime.

The charges against him include armed robbery, grand theft over $100,000, and unauthorized use of a communication device. The police have not made any information on the second thief public.

Meanwhile, in April, another handbag theft occurred in Hong Kong. Three individuals were taken into custody by the police in connection with a crime that occurred in Tsim Sha Tsui. The shop had fourteen handbags from the premium brand HERMÊS, with a combined value of around HK$1.8 million, stolen. While they continued their hunt for the lost purses, officers confiscated around HK$600,000.

Last Friday morning, a hooded robber was captured on video smashing the glass door of a shop on Observatory Road and stealing several handbags in under five minutes. The heist happened early in the morning.

According to Chong Tak-him, a senior inspector with the Yau Tsim district crime squad, the police were able to identify the thief and discover that he had stashed the purses in a Kwun Tong hotel room.

In a North Point hotel room on Monday night, police arrested the 36-year-old criminal and his 38-year-old girlfriend on charges of theft and money laundering, respectively. The thief’s girlfriend worked as a clerk while he was allegedly unemployed.

After the burglar resold the handbags, the girlfriend allegedly helped him keep the money in his bank account. At the girlfriend’s house and in the hotel room, police found and confiscated around HK$200,000 and HK$400,000 in cash, respectively.

A mainland woman paid a hefty sum for the purses after they were transported to a Sheung Shui pharmacy. 

All three have been arrested. The police are currently looking for the missing purses and have indicated that they may make more arrests.