Protest Against Antisemitism Sees 100K+ In Paris.

More than a hundred thousand Parisians gathered in the streets on Sunday to denounce the surge in antisemitism since October 7, when Hamas-led terrorists attacked Israel and carried out a terrible slaughter.

According to the Interior Ministry, there have been 1,247 antisemitic incidents in France since October 7, which is about triple the amount of antisemitic crimes in 2022.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, right-wing politician Marine Le Pen, and centrists of President Emmanuel Macron’s party all showed up for the demonstration, while Macron himself stayed home.
The French president Instead voiced his support for the demonstration and urged French citizens to take a stance against the intolerable rise of unchecked antisemitism.

Macron made a pledge in a letter that was published in Le Parisien on Sunday where he said that he would hold accountable anybody who was found guilty of antisemitic acts.

Jean-Luc Melenchov, head of the extremist-left France Unbowed Party, also did not attend but declared on X that the march was a gathering of supporters for the carnage in Gaza.

Reports show that since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict, anti-Jewish incidents have increased by 1,500%, according to the creator of StopAntisemitism.

Liora Rez of Fox News Digital reports that the group has successfully held physicians, nurses, and attorneys responsible for their vicious words and behavior stemming from antisemitism on the internet.

The antisemitic activities are problematic because they reopen wounds related to France’s collaboration with the Nazis throughout World War II.

In a letter printed by Le Parisien on Sunday, Macron promised to bring anyone responsible for antisemitic actions to justice.

In the letter, Macron said that France is not a country in which Jewish citizens live in fear. This is not France. He urged the nation to maintain its solidarity behind its core beliefs and to continue to strive toward achieving peace and stability across the Middle East.