Ramaswamy Clarifies His Criticism Of Trump

Vivek Ramaswamy, a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, sparred with Fox News’ Shannon Bream after she questioned why he will not criticize the former president. Ramaswamy reportedly said that he has been consistent in making judgments where they are necessary. He mentioned the indictment against Trump—one of the many—and said that it is a politically charged indictment that makes the United States look like a banana republic. 

Bream did note some criticisms that Ramaswamy had of the former president, looking at his tweet after the January 6 riot. The candidate reportedly called it wrong, suggesting that Trump was somewhat to blame for the protest gone wild. But Bream then accused him, along with others, of not being as critical any longer, asking him if he was concerned that Trump would strike him back. 

Bream continued to say that a primary is where all of the candidates try to separate themselves from one another, suggesting that there will be some sparring. This tune seems to be popular with Fox News recently as Fox News Tonight host Piers Morgan asked Ramaswamy a similar question. He was then confronted by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto over Trump’s potential third indictment for his role in orchestrating January 6. 

The GOP candidates are nearly ready to start the primary process as each of them has met the 40,000 unique donor list, according to The Daily Caller. But in addition to the donor list, candidates must also pledge their loyalty to the GOP nominee, which former Texas Rep. Will Hurd said he will not do. But Hurd may not be a huge challenger when the former president is consistently polling ahead of the others by double digits. 

Trump currently leads the pack with 56 percent support among likely GOP voters, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trailing him with just 17 percent support.