Ramaswamy Exposes Security Breach At Northern Border

In a video shared by Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican presidential hopeful sheds light on significant vulnerabilities at the U.S.-Canada border. He showcases how undocumented immigrants might effortlessly navigate through without the interception of border patrol.

Ramaswamy notes, “There are two distinct signs at the U.S. Northern Border entry point. One instructs, ‘Prepare to Stop,’ while the other directs toward a ‘Hiking Trail.’ Following the latter took me through a forested route that bypassed the official ports on both the U.S. and Canadian sides.”

The video features the young entrepreneur elaborating on how this “Hiking Trail” offers an uncomplicated way around the established U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoints, thus facilitating illegal entry into the country.

Local authorities have shared insights with Ramaswamy, saying, “People can easily traverse one of these expansive terrains beyond the hiking trail. A shallow creek then grants them access deeper into New Hampshire.”

He adds, “Given the challenges at the Southern Border, it’s no wonder many are redirecting their efforts to the Northern Border. There’s more to this story.”

While the humanitarian situation at the southern border garners much attention, the northern border is witnessing a surge in migration, too. This rise is attributed to individuals who either failed to enter via the southern border or have been deported previously, now exploring routes through Canada.

Recent reports suggest that Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire border patrol show interceptions spiked in the past 11 months. Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia of the Swanton Sector reported over 6,100 apprehensions, surpassing totals from the past decade.

Ramaswamy, amidst several Republican contenders, is striving to invigorate his presidential bid, especially as Donald Trump remains a dominant figure. As per The New York Times, he champions robust border controls, potentially involving military deployment, and advocates for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants, eliminating any avenue to legal status or citizenship.
The military occupation of the northern border might contravene the 1878 law prohibiting deploying federal troops for civilian policing duties. However, Mr. Ramaswamy contends that border protection doesn’t fall under civilian law enforcement.