Rand Paul Furious To Discover Fauci’s President-Like Retirement

After 54 years in government service, Dr. Fauci retired as the highest-paid federal official. 

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is fuming over reports that the government is still providing security for former NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, despite his retirement.

In June, Paul asked HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for further information on Fauci’s job and any special perks paid for by taxpayers.

After making a public records request, Jesse Watters Primetime received documentation detailing the US Marshals Service’s assumption of this function from the Department of Health and Human Services on January 1, 2023.

Fauci’s security detail was exposed thanks to Watters’ inquiry. According to Watters, one of Fauci’s benefits included limo service.

Paul said he had concerns for HHS after learning that Fauci still had a detail.

The senator said HHS notified them that they stopped covering the cost in January. Fox received the material via a FOIA request, and a court ordered the network to divulge that the US Marshals Service was sponsoring the project rather than the Department of Health and Human Services.

Paul stated that federal officials advised him that the government was not providing direct funds for the project. The senator claims they did, however, explain that another party is covering the costs and that they will be compensated in due time.

The senator said this is a horrible case of the government deliberately misleading its constituents and elected officials, and he is a retired ma. The only retired official Paul knows of who receives this type of treatment is a former president.

He doesn’t know why this bureaucrat still needs a security detail consisting of limo drivers.

Paul mused, sarcastically, whether or not Fauci had free legal counsel in retirement, speculating that the doctor could need it one day.

The senator said that Fauci, whose income increased by 30% during the epidemic, should pay for his security instead of having the government do it.