Rand Paul Halts Biden’s Nominees

On Thursday, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky announced that he would prevent President Joe Biden’s nominees from being approved until COVID-19-related documents are made public.

Paul stated to Maria Bartiromo on her Fox show that he has been trying to get records related to COVID-19 and any grants awarded to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for three years.

Chinese scientists (members of the Chinese military) are still receiving funding from the U.S. using taxpayer dollars through The Chinese Academy of Military Medical Research. Paul criticized this as “inexcusable.”

He said he was still attempting to extract these records. He told the Biden administration had not provided documents. He requested records for three years. Paul mentioned that the papers sent to them were irrelevant.

Host Bartiromo asked Paul what he could do about not receiving the documents.

Senator Paul requested COVID funding and research records from eight different agencies that could have led to the COVID virus or the leak. He said he obtained the signatures of 25 senators from the Republican party. He said there is a provision in the law that requires the release of information upon request by a group of five senators. He had 25. So far, he said, no Democratic has signed. 

Paul said the Biden administration has stated they are not concerned with the number of individuals requesting records. They will only provide what they need if the committee chairman provides his signature. 

They kept asking every day. 

Paul stated that the events are occurring in two significant committees he is a part of, namely the Foreign Relations Committee and the Homeland Security.

The senator from Kentucky states that he is not allowing anything to pass unanimously. Paul noted that he would block everything until some of the records on COVID are turned over.