Rashida Tlaib Encouraged Mob That Rioted Capitol

An online media outlet asked the question: Could Rashida Tlaib have incited a pro-Hamas mob to seize control of the U.S. Capitol?

Despite evidence to the contrary, Rashida Tlaib insisted that Israel had attacked the Gaza hospital. As she talked to the crowd about the Gaza hospital, Tlaib sobbed.

A report revealed that despite propaganda blaming Israel, the Hospital was not struck, and 500 people were not slain. Hamas was responsible for the errant missile that crashed in a parking area.

On Wednesday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists descended onto the Cannon Rotunda on DC’s Capitol Hill, calling for an end to the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

In the Cannon Office Building, footage captured by reporters showed a huge mob yelling “Ceasefire Now!” and demanding that Congress put an end to the violence in Israel.

They were the same people that stormed the Capitol building in favor of Hamas. When the individuals leading this effort also back terrorists, it has all the hallmarks of an insurgency.
Arizona’s U.S. Representative Andy Biggs claimed it hampered the legislative process. Biggs stated that it should be an obvious insurrection based on the standards of the former J6 Committee.
Over 300 protesters were arrested, according to the Capital Police. Fox News was also informed that protestors would face charges for staging an unlawful demonstration in the Capitol.
Fox News host Laura Ingraham noted that Rashida Tlaib doubled down on her previous tweet to President Joe Biden, in which she called the conflict between Israel and Hamas “your war.”

According to Ingraham, Tlaib has nothing but the lowest regard for Biden. She has no concern about any potential political fallout from him. This is a worldwide issue for Biden because it is widely understood that the United States is weak when led by someone as ineffectual as he is.