RFK Jr. Pushes Conspiracy About 9/11

As one might expect from a presidential candidate interested in conspiracies, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has expressed skepticism about the official account of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In a podcast interview with journalist Peter Bergen that aired on Tuesday, Kennedy claimed that he ‘doesn’t know what happened on September 11.’

He said, “Strange things have happened. I know that much.” He noted that one plane “didn’t even hit one of the buildings” before it collapsed.

A smaller office building within the World Trade Center complex, World Trade Center Building 7, collapsed owing to flames triggered by debris from the two towers. Kennedy acknowledged the conspiracy idea surrounding this event.

It’s odd to think the building was taken down in a secret demolition when part of the plan necessitated debris from the towers falls on it to set it on fire.

As they said in “Dodgeball,” “It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.”

Kennedy told Bergen, who refuted the candidate’s inquiries concerning Building 7, “I don’t want to fight any theories about this because all I’ve heard is questions, I have no explanation, and I do not know about it.”

That much is obvious.

He didn’t say he believes the conspiracy idea, but he doesn’t necessarily support the government’s two-year probe and conclusion into the terrorist attack.

Bergen disagreed with Kennedy, but the presidential candidate wrapped it up by saying he feels people have the right to question official narratives in our nation. The official version ‘isn’t always good enough for him.’

This is not Kennedy’s first time expressing curiosity about such things. His previous statements concerning the history of COVID-19 were racial and antisemitic, and he blamed the CIA for his uncle’s death, John F. Kennedy.

After a brief summer surge, Kennedy’s presidential campaign has been struggling, with recent polls showing he has just about 15% support compared to President Biden’s 45%.

Even members of his own family have spoken out against him, with President Kennedy’s grandson calling his run “a disgrace.”