RFK Jr. Supported By Republican Mega-Donor

As the 2024 presidential race kicks off, more insight into the candidates’ backers is being revealed. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of the late John F. Kennedy, is reportedly bankrolled by a Republican megadonor. Campaign finance reports show that the super PAC “American Values 2024” was given $5 million by Trump supporter and wealthy businessman Timothy Mellon. 

His contribution represents half of the total amount, $9.8 million, raised by the PAC since the start of the year. The 81-year-old Mellon, the grandson of Andrew Mellon, the former U.S. treasury secretary, is listed as a self-employed investor. He previously donated $20 million to former President Donald Trump in 2020. 

Mellon reportedly supports major portions of the GOP agenda, including immigration laws that secure the border and building the southern wall to curtail illegal immigration. He reportedly donated much of the money to Greg Abbott’s fund to finish the construction of the wall that was impetuously halted by the Biden administration.  

The PAC also received money from billionaire Gavin de Becker, an author and security analyst. He previously donated money to former Republican presidential candidate Ron Johnson and failed Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Both Mellon and Becker reportedly represent 97 percent of the total contribution to the PAC. 

In a press release issued by the super PAC, Mellon said that Kennedy’s bipartisan support indicates that he may be the candidate to unite the country and win the general election. But Kennedy trails Biden by double digits. Biden is enjoying more than half of the party’s support while Kennedy only has about 14 percent support. 

By comparison, Trump is also dominating the GOP primary polls. Trump has 54 percent support among voters with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing him with just 17 percent support, down from the mid-20s at the start of his campaign.