Ron DeSantis Donor Gives $300 Million To Woke Harvard

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the 2024 presidential race eventually. To that end, he’s notching his political gun belt by moving toward issues popular with the nation’s right-leaning voters. 

DeSantis is leading a Republican-based opposition against “critical race theory” and woke political indoctrination in Florida schools and suspending self-governing powers at mega Florida resort Disneyworld. 

Imagine his shock when his most prominent supporter awarded Harvard University a $300 million gift to Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Harvard grad and CEO of Citadel investing firm Ken Griffin will have the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences renamed in his honor. 

Griffin’s gift to Harvard is unrestricted and caps off the $500 million given to the University over 40 years. 

Data collected by a 2021 annual survey by US News shows Harvard is not short of funds. The survey reported that Harvard University had the largest endowment fund of any US university at $53 billion. The total of all costs annually at Harvard is $ 79,450.

Harvard’s woke studies and race discrimination in admissions are a matter of public record. Harvard kept the number of Asians attending at 15 to 18 percent between 1996 and 2011. Black and Hispanic admissions to Harvard were preferable to whites and Asians. If Harvard admissions were based on academic performance, Asians would be 43 percent of the student body. Diversity and equity don’t enter the equation regarding Harvard admission. 

An Asian applicant to Harvard would need an SAT score at least 450 points higher when compared with a black American and a 140-point advantage over a white applicant. 

Several legal actions have been brought against Harvard University for its admissions procedures. However, lower courts have sided with Harvard, and the Supreme Court has not agreed to take up any of the cases. 

Four of the nine Supreme Court Justices graduated from Harvard. 

The remaining question is, will Griffin again be the largest donor to DeSantis’s presidential campaign if he decides to seek the Oval Office?