Scientists Share Possible Reasons for Lack of Alien Encounters

Within the enormous cosmos, which comprises an estimated 2 trillion galaxies, scientists have determined that life has a “100% chance” of existing. Because of this, we have to wonder why extraterrestrials haven’t spoken with us yet. It feels rotten to be snubbed.

The ‘Dark Forest Hypothesis’ and the certainty of nuclear conflict provide a terrifying picture of our own society’s downfall. Life, according to Stony Brook University’s galactic astronomer Professor Frederick Walter, is a biological process, but the details get murkier the lower down the chain you go.

Named for scientist Enrico Fermi, the Fermi Paradox poses the question of how we might strike a balance between the probabilities of life and the evidence we have for it. Given the vast antiquity of the universe, it’s likely that only a few highly developed civilizations formed. There are those who believe that, given the antiquity of the universe, extraterrestrial civilizations should exist.

Liu Cixin’s Three Body books and its current Netflix adaptation popularized the Dark Forest Hypothesis, which proposes that civilizations might be acting as hunters in the cosmos. Other, mightier powers may be lurking outside our line of sight, even as Earthlings strive to establish touch with the stars. This, if true, would shed light on the seeming lack of response to our attempts to establish contact with other cultures.

But some people might find the Dark Forest Hypothesis’ depiction of the cosmos a bit too gloomy to believe. Perhaps we need to take responsibility for our actions if we wish to find a solution to the mystery of why no one is answering humanity’s calls. 

If life is as prevalent in the Milky Way as some estimates indicate, extraterrestrials may have an overwhelming number of potential worlds to contact. If this is the case, according to a 2022 study, extraterrestrials may not find Earth to be a worthwhile target.

Extraterrestrials may be aware of our technological sophistication yet choose not to communicate with us nevertheless. A biopsychologist from the University of Albany named Dr. Gordon Gallup has put out the theory that extraterrestrials might be frightened of human visitors. As Dr. Gallup put it in an essay published in the Journal of Astrobiology: “If [alien life] exists, it may have found us by now and discovered that humans are dangerous, violent, and ceaselessly engage in endless bloody conflicts and war.”

If Dr. Gallup’s claims hold water, it might be that extraterrestrial civilizations are teeming with life, but that Earth has isolated itself socially.