Sean Hannity Devastated By Fox News Firing Of Tucker Carlson

Fox News presenter Sean Hannity expressed shock on Monday at the network’s news that Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, would be quitting his primetime program.

On Monday, Fox News confirmed Carlson’s departure from the network. Hannity, whose program airs directly after Carlson’s previous time slot on Fox News, was caught off guard by the news that Carlson was departing. While hosting his radio program “The Sean Hannity Show,” Hannity admitted it was tough.

According to a report, Hannity told his viewers that his phone had been ringing off the hook. He said he had no idea and couldn’t begin to guess if it was Tucker’s decision or Fox News. There may have been an understanding between the two of them.

Hannity said that people expect him to know what’s going on because he had been there the longest, but he did not have a clue as to what happened.

The report shows reactions to Carlson’s departure range from outrage to disbelief.   

Former President Donald Trump expressed astonishment at Fox News’ decision in light of Carlson’s massive viewership. Trump said that he was terrific and was shocked that Tucker Carlson was leaving Fox News.

Trump expressed surprise in a Monday morning interview with Greg Kelly of Newsmax.  He said we all know that he is a good guy, a talented man and that he received excellent ratings.

The departure of Carlson, according to former Fox News personality Glenn Beck, would destroy Fox News.

A report reveals Glenn Beck stated that he thought Carlson’s departure would kill FOX News. He said there are people he knows that are on the fence about Fox News, but they watch other programs. But ultimately, they only trust Tucker Carlson. Beck thinks losing Tucker Carlson was the last straw for them.


In a statement posted earlier on Monday, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy speculated that the network would benefit financially from Carlson’s departure from Fox News.