Sean Hannity Tells Audience To Stop Booing

On Thursday, at a town hall with former President Donald Trump, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity was booed by the audience for suggesting that Trump modify his comments to win over moderate voters.

Hannity said that people ask him all the time why Trump has to fight with people and why isn’t he more selective with who he fights. He claimed that people do not like the name-calling and expressed that appealing to the middle is the road to the White House, so it would be best to tone it down.

In response to Hannity’s prediction that the 2024 presidential race will “come down to those people that maybe are in the middle”  and to “just tone it down a hair,” the audience booed and yelled.

Hannity took offense and told them to stop booing and to “leave him alone.” 

President Trump shot down the suggestion, saying, from the onset, he was under siege by people that had been in Washington for many years, and for the most part, those people were against him.

He said his campaign was spied on, and his people were under siege while he was being investigated. He said he wouldn’t be in his position if he weren’t defending; he wouldn’t be where he is if he hadn’t fought back.

Trump used the town hall on Fox News to attack his opponents and claim that the military has a “woke” problem. 

Trump also said that he had informed Hannity, cheekily, that “it’s not appropriate” for him to make jokes about President Joe Biden’s intelligence in front of the crowd.

In contrast to Trump’s toughness, Hannity wilted under the pressure of being booed by a studio audience when he expressed his belief. This was a small taste of what Trump receives daily; it is probably wise not to take the advice from a guy who couldn’t take the momentary heat from his usually non-combative audience.