Senator Defends Helping Defend The Bidens: “Back Off”

Hunter Biden has agreed with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax and gun charges, despite the severe criminal allegations he was facing. 

Republicans are upset that Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice are investigating conservatives and conservative causes, including indicting President Joe Biden’s political rival, Donald Trump, instead of focusing on Biden’s son.

Hunter allegedly did not pay taxes on income earned leveraging the Biden name and lied on federal firearms forms to obtain a gun while under the influence of drugs. 

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill had the temerity to criticize Republicans for wanting to hold Hunter Biden accountable for his alleged crimes while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The tax cases were unclear, but the gun charge was easy to understand. During the weapon purchase form, Biden stated that he did not use or have an addiction to illegal or controlled substances. However, in his autobiography, he admitted to being addicted to crack and alcohol. 

Lying on a form to obtain a gun you are not legally allowed to purchase is a criminal offense, regardless of whether or not you have an addiction.

Claire McCaskill’s takeaway from this episode is that Joe Biden is an excellent role model. McCaskill pointed away from Hunter’s crimes, the political hypocrisy of allowing him to skate, and the incessant witch hunts of Donald Trump, and spoke of Biden’s “unconditional love” for his son.

This was a pivot that Michael Jordan would be in awe of.

McCaskill’s maudlin sentimentality was also shared by The View’s Ana Navarro, a supposed Republican (cue laugh track) who mouthed a similar take, saying that Joe “never giving up on his son” is the pertinent aspect of the scandal. It’s the love of his son that should be front and center.

The left’s efforts to spin are admirable, if not laughable.