Squad’ Dem Cori Bush Falls Behind In Polls

Remington/Missouri Scout polling reports that Democrat primary candidate Wesley Bell is 22 points ahead of Democrat incumbent Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) for the August 6th primary.

Rep. Bush is well-known for being a prominent member of The Squad, a group of uber-progressive House lawmakers.

The survey of 401 probable Democrat primary voters for 2024 was conducted between February 7 and 9 with a margin of error of 4.9%.

It showed that half of the people surveyed chose Bell, a prosecutor from Missouri, while 28% backed Bush.  Four percent backed Maria Chappelle Nadal, a state senator, and 18% were still on the fence.

Among those who identified as Democrats, half said the party reflects their own values.  Seventeen percent of the party members think it leans liberal, while fifteen percent think it skews conservative. Eighteen percent expressed uncertainty.

After Bush publicly demanded cuts to the police budget while lavishing funds on her own security detail, she became the subject of a criminal inquiry.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) revealed in a statement that Biden’s Justice Department is investigating her for probable illegal misappropriation of federal monies for her personal protection.  House Sergeant at Arms data pertaining to the misuse of federal security funds were sought by the DOJ via a subpoena.

Reporter Kilmeny Duchardt of Newsmax said the subpoena was announced and received on the House floor, but Bush’s name was omitted.

After the news surfaced, Bush released an extensive statement rejecting wrongdoing and condemning the unfounded accusations.

Bush’s spending on personal security first came to the public’s attention when reporters pressed her regarding the $700,000 she spent on security while she was publicly asking for police to be defunded during the 2020 George Floyd riots and beyond.

Bush said in her statement that she had been threatened since before her swearing into office in 2021 and that she had paid for protection with campaign funds.

Reports showed that one of the people she paid for protection services was her then-boyfriend, Cortney Merritts, now her husband.