State Trooper Saved By Ballistic Vest

According to a report, prosecutors in North Carolina stated that a veteran state trooper had been justified in shooting and killing an armed man during a stop when the suspect opened fire, with the trooper’s bulletproof vest being the only thing that saved his life. 

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, State Highway Patrol Trooper Jeffrey L. Dunlap received a gunshot to the chest on the evening of July 3rd while assisting a disabled vehicle and driver on the highway.

District Attorney Todd Williams of Buncombe County said that after reviewing dashcam evidence of the incident, Dunlap was found clear of any crime. 

Williams said that no criminal charges would be brought, and the NC SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) may now complete its inquiry into the case. He broke the news to Taylor’s family today. The District Attorney’s Office appreciates all of the brave police officers who risk their lives every day to keep the community secure.

Wesley Scott Taylor pulled out a.44 magnum revolver and opened fire, according to Williams, during the exchange. Dunlap, a 13-year Highway Patrol veteran, fired back after a bullet fired at his chest was deflected by his vest.

The officer’s shot ultimately took the life of 57-year-old Taylor. After being treated, Dunlap was discharged from the hospital. In accordance with policy, he was given administrative leave.

Body armor isn’t just for police officers. Citizens, military, security organizations, emergency teams, recreational shooters, hunters, motorcyclists,  bank employees, jewelers, neighborhood watch groups, government security, and corporate executives may utilize such products.

According to the body armor website Safe Life Defense, protective vests range in price from 500 to 2000 dollars. 

Almost everyone in the United States may legally buy, own, and wear body armor. Consumers should know that it is not prohibited for anybody to possess this equipment unless they are a law enforcement official, first responder, or member of the armed forces.

You must be a law-abiding person to wear armor.  You should not break the law when wearing armor. The legal repercussions of such an act will be severe.