Steve Bannon Says China Bribed “McCarthy”

Steve Bannon, a former adviser in the Trump White House who now runs a popular MAGA-themed podcast, strongly criticized House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) this Thursday. 

Additionally, he made serious allegations against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), suggesting that he received bribes from China. 

This accusation was brought on by Bannon’s frustration with the stalled investigations into President Biden by the House. 

He claimed, without specific substantiation, that China had “bribed McCarthy.”

Bannon vociferously asserted, “Our nation has been betrayed for cash by our gravest historical enemy, and they’re all involved in this,” pointing at China.

He added, “It’s not only the Bidens leading this criminal enterprise but all of them. 

And they manipulated McCarthy. 

They funneled money to McCarthy through Sequoia, referring to the venture-capital firm known for its extensive connections to Chinese businesses. 

He concluded by implying that McCarthy was involved in a cover-up.

And that’s why it’s a disgrace that he’s in Ohio trying to have Mike Turner’s back. 

McCarthy shut down this investigation after The Wall Street Journal put out the story,” continued Bannon, referring to a recent Wall Street Story about Sequoia making a fortune investing in the US and China, suggesting the need to pick one or the other to do business with. 

Bannon, who managed Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and is known for his public voicing of conspiracy theories, was also highly critical of Comer’s appearance on Fox News.

Comer is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee that’s investigating Hunter and President Joe Biden in alleged influence peddling. 

Comer, you have the power. And remember, when you appeared on the Doocey show this morning, you were under fire. 

When he asked you a question, you mentioned six different topics. 

What were they? What is happening? Your staff should have prepared you better,” Bannon asserted, referencing Comer’s segment on Fox & Friends with Steve Doocy.

“Here’s the proof. They received the money on January 15th. 

Here’s the wire transfer. Comer’s staff needs to bring him up to date,” Bannon indignantly concluded.