Suspect Found In Murder Of Cashapp Founder

An individual has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of Cash App creator and Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur Bob Lee.

According to a report, Nima Momeni, who runs Expand IT, was reportedly detained by San Francisco police.  A LinkedIn profile describes himself as having worked in technology in the Bay area for nearly two decades.

The murder of Lee, according to a source from the San Francisco PD, was neither random nor connected to a robbery.

The police said that on April 4th, Lee and Momeni were driving together when they got into an argument.  Police in San Francisco think the suspect followed Lee after he exited the automobile in the central business district.

Lee was repeatedly stabbed around 2:30 AM. A knife, widely considered to be the murder weapon, was discovered close by.

Reports show nobody helped Lee when he pleaded for it. He fell near Google headquarters and called 911.

From the beginning of the inquiry, a police source informed Mission Local that it was clear the assault was not random.

A dispatcher can be heard on the 911 recording stating they listened to a man yelling for help, and then Lee was heard saying someone stabbed him. Officers responding to the call were advised he was bleeding out on the street.

Lee’s body was discovered in a low foot traffic area.  

According to a local news and commentary blog, the evidence presented in court reveals Momeni and Lee got into it because Momeni suspected a romantic link between Lee and his sister Khazar Elyassnia. Although she is married to Dr. Dino Elyassnia, a distinguished cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco, rumors have circulated that the pair are having marital problems.

On the evening of Lee’s murder, he was reportedly socializing and drinking with Khazar Elyassnia.  Momeni confronted Lee and demanded to know if his sister was doing drugs or other illegal activities.

Authorities are calling Momeni’s alleged murder of Lee premeditated since he reportedly carried a kitchen knife and transported Lee to a remote location. A further charge against Momeni is that he used a knife to commit murder.