Suspended Prosecutor Sends Fiery Response To DeSantis

The Florida state attorney who received a suspension by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) last week responded defiantly, calling his action “political.”

Monique Worrell remarked that if there was anything to be sad about, it was the death of democracy. She insisted that no act of weakness on the part of a tyrant could remove her legitimacy as the 9th Judicial Circuit’s state attorney. She said it was just a distraction from Ron DeSantis’ tragic presidential campaign.

Worrell took office in 2020 on the 9th Judicial Circuit bench, which covers the Orlando area. She campaigned on a promise to eliminate cash bail and increase police accountability.

DeSantis stated that he had suspended Worrell for incompetence and neglect of duty, claiming that she was too lenient and had neglected to prosecute for certain offenses.

Worrell said it was wrong for DeSantis to suspend a state attorney for a second time, as he had done before. State attorneys are seldom suspended unless they are facing criminal charges or are unable to perform their duties.

In August of last year, Andrew Warren, the state attorney, was suspended by DeSantis after saying he would not enforce the state’s restrictions on transgender surgery and abortion.

While suspended, state lawyers do not get pay or benefits as police officers do.

According to Emerson College’s 2024 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES poll, DeSantis falls to single digits, and Biden stays strong.

Former President Donald Trump has the backing of 49% of New Hampshire Republican Primary voters, giving him a 40-point lead over all other contenders, down from 41% in March. Since March, when the field of contenders was less clear, Florida Governor DeSantis has dropped from second position with double digits and dropped to eight percent.

Among Republicans, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie now has more support than DeSantis does, with 9% of people backing his 2024 run compared to 8% for DeSantis.