Ted Cruz Compares Biden To Mobsters In The Mafia

After President Joe Biden denied taking a bribe as vice president, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)would have none of the denials and likened him to renowned gangsters Al Capone and John Dillinger.

The FBI, so the House GOP claims, has a document containing the testimony of an informant that details Biden’s crime.

On Thursday’s episode of Kudlow on Fox Business, Cruz was a guest, and presenter Larry Kudlow played a tape where Biden addressed allegations of bribery made by Republican South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace.

On Thursday, a reporter informed Biden at the White House that Congresswoman Nancy Mace claims that there is damning evidence the FBI has that shows he sold out the country. When asked if he had a response to congressional Republicans, Biden responded: “Where’s the money?” 

Biden fully knows that part of the investigation into the Biden family is sifting through the labyrinth they created with bank accounts to shield the money from scrutiny.

Kudlow questioned Cruz on the accusation, asking the senator, “When are we going to find out if Joe Biden took a bribe?”

The senator slammed the president’s denial, saying that Biden didn’t stand at the podium and that it’s ridiculous to think he took a bribe and then order the FBI to release what they have.

Biden didn’t do that. 

Cruz noted that someone in history famously said, “Where’s the money?”

That was Al Capone. 

Cruz went on to say that Dillinger also said the same.

New York Democrat Dan Goldman has dismissed the bribery claim as “complete garbage.”

According to Goldman’s interview with MSNBC on Tuesday, he swept away the claim by saying the informant did not have direct knowledge of a bribe, which was second-hand information.

What Goldman did not do is say that the FBI should release all the information they have.

Transparency is the last thing the Democrats want.