Teen Dies Just Days From Big Achievement

On May 13, a 17-year-old athlete from Hawaii collapsed during a swimming competition. An EMS crew responded to the scene and took Tehani Kealoha to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

According to reports, no information on what caused her death has been made public.

Kealoha was a graduating senior at Moanalua High School on the following Friday.

The adolescent was a member of the Kamehameha Swim Club and was struck ill on the day she was set to compete at a club meet in Kapolei, in Honolulu.

Reports are that the competition was postponed a day due to Kealoha’s illness. The next day, when she participated in the event, she collapsed.

“Her death affected everyone at our school even though she didn’t go here,” a student at Kealoha’s brother’s school, Kamehameha Schools Kapalama High School, told reporters. 

They naturally called off the game when they heard the news since everyone was so shaken. The athletes couldn’t forget what happened and concentrate on the game.

According to reports, Kealoha’s squad won the state title two days after defeating Punahou. This victory ended Punahou’s 13-year winning run.

Robin Martin, the administrator of Kealoha High School, issued a statement informing students, parents, and guardians of the tragedy.

Martin wrote that a senior in the school, Tehani Kealoha, passed away recently, and it is with great sadness that he shared the news. 

He said Tehani played on multiple sports teams and was a very involved student at Moanalua High. Tehani’s death profoundly impacted the Moanalua High School community, especially as graduation drew near. 

Martin said students and employees who might have been struggling with the loss were provided counseling services, and parents worried about the tragedy’s effect on their kids were urged to let the school know so that they could provide “emotional support.”