Teens Save Mom & Kids That Are Pinned Underneath Car

As the final calendar month of December of the year 2023 nears its end, and the holiday season enters its peak period, the mind of the majority of American citizens is likely far removed from the results of the 2023 November election cycle. Conservatives and Progressives have become heavily divided, and the moderate and independent voters that still comprise a clear majority of the American electorate may find themselves on increasingly difficult ground. Ultimately, a “cold” cultural war has raged for decades, but in recent years it has become the central focus of American politics. Democrats and leftist allies have challenged all cultural normalities and traditions in the country and sought to fundamentally transform the nature of the American identity while simultaneously eroding the history and the traditional values that the country was founded on. The nuclear family has been heavily targeted, and today for the first time in American history the core unit of familial structure is now utilized by a minority of Americans.

No field of interest or industry has been spared- even the Christmas holiday and the celebration of the birth of Christ has been attacked. In truth, Americans today place increasingly less emphasis on religion and Christianity, and the holiday has largely become a corporatized, materially capitalistic celebration. This year alone, over $12 billion has already been spent on the festivities by consumers. While America clearly has a spending problem, a majority of its population continue to buy while the nation takes on increasing amounts of debt.

But one heroic story of late has displayed that not all is lost, and that good still exists in the world. In Utah outside of the Layton Christian Academy, a mother was run over by a car with her two children. While one was able to escape, the mother and one child were trapped. 20 students came to the rescue to lift up the vehicle and save the family.