Terror Watch List Targets Are Boarding Domestic Flights

An illegal immigrant who is on the Terrorist Watch List compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was somehow able to board a flight within the United States, according to a new report.

The federal probe, led by Joseph Cuffari, the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security, reveals that in April of 2022, DHS released Isnardo Garcia Amado back into the community close to Blythe, California. The 36-year-old man arrived to the U.S. illegally through the southern border with Mexico close to Yuma, Arizona on April 17.

Breitbart News cited sources who were familiar with the case, since the IG’s report had the person’s name redacted.

While Amado – who is from Colombia – was being detained in federal custody, and before he was released two days later, the Terrorist Screening Center of the FBI determined he “was an inconclusive Terrorist Watch List match.” Somehow, though, the DHS IG report said he was allowed to be released back into the United States.

Two days after Amado was released, he checked himself into a flight that was going from Palm Springs in California to Tampa, Florida.

The DHS IG report said that while he was going through pre-screening before boarding the flight, “TSC obtained additional information from [the Transportation Security Administration] and confirmed that he matched the man they suspected was on the Terrorist Watch List.

Amado didn’t make that flight on April 21 of 2022, but he re-booked a flight for the next day.

He ended up making his way to Tampa, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement didn’t even arrest him until May 6.

The DHS IG did point out that people who are on the Terrorist Watch List “are generally allowed to fly” as long as they aren’t also on the “No Fly List.” Even still, they typically are “subject to enhanced physical inspection before the flight and may be subject to observation by the Federal Air Marshal Service during the flight.”

This whole ordeal certainly shows the holes in the current U.S. immigration system led by President Joe Biden. 

John Fabbricatore, who is a former director of the ICE Field Office and who serves on the advisory board for the National Immigration Center for Enforcement, agrees. He spoke with Breitbart News recently and said of this situation:

“It is a stark reminder of the Biden Administration’s agenda that is making our borders less secure and communities less safe.”

“Illegal aliens – including criminals and those on the Terrorist Watch List – are successfully entering undetected or intentionally released, as ICE agents struggle to keep up due to terrible policy directives and a lack of manpower and resources.

“These self-inflicted threats pose a significant risk to national security, and an effort needs to be made to immediately apprehend and remove them when discovered.”

A main question here should be why this illegal immigrant was released back into the U.S. at all. If he were here illegally in the first place, why was he allowed to stay?