Texas To Build Forward Operating Base At Border

According to Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas National Guard will be stationed at the new Forward Operating Base in Del Rio. This move is in response to President Joe Biden’s order to stem the tide of illegal immigration. During a press conference, Abbott said that the new base camp of the Texas Military Department will aid with border security.

A total of over 35,600 felony charges have been filed, with over 39,500 criminal arrests and over a half-million illegal alien arrests reported by the governor’s office. During the border operation, Texas authorities captured more than 467 million fatal doses of fentanyl, contributing to the battle against the fentanyl scourge.

According to the Governor’s office, the Texas Military Department has purchased 80 acres of property near Eagle Pass to construct a facility that can accommodate 1,800 troops and 2,300 more on an as-needed basis. Living quarters, a dining hall, a leisure center, chaplaincy programs, health services, and more will all be available to soldiers. Troops are now dispersed over the area in overcrowded quarters and often have to travel great distances to work.

According to Major General Thomas Suelzer, the Adjutant General of Texas,  there will be an expansion of activities at Eagle Pass and new obstacles to strengthen the border.  The drone program /radar vehicle capacities are being expanded, and additional fan boats are being added.

The Lone Star operation has not ended yet in its pursuit of a secure border with Mexico.

When the Biden administration refused to protect the border, Operation Lone Star stepped in to fill the deadly gaps.

The freedom of each state to maintain control over its own borders is among the most fundamental guarantees of the US Constitution.

The Constitution’s father, James Madison, stressed that the state militia of Virginia may be summoned to crush smugglers who threatened their state under Article I, Section 10, Clause 3.

The integrity of Virginia’s borders was endangered by the smugglers who brought illegal goods into the state. States need to be able to defend themselves, and Madison understood that.

John Marshall reaffirmed this privilege that states have. Along with other prominent ratificationists, he went on to serve as Supreme Court Chief Justice.