The Pope Criticizes Conservatives in Bombshell Interview

The Roman Catholic church has long been mired in controversy. Since the 1970’s Christianity in the United States across all denominations has been on the decline, with the influence of religion and participation in organized services sharply decreasing over the last several decades. This has resulted in an immense cultural shift- and many American communities have suffered significantly because of it. Social cohesion has deteriorated, and more and more Americans, especially those of younger generations, have reported feeling lonely, not having many close friends, or feeling disconnected from their communities at large. In a recent report from CNN, over 1 in 4 adults, or about 25% of the population in the U.S., have reported feeling lonely. While a decline in religion may not be solely to blame, a sharp decrease in church participation definitely may have a negative impact on community connectivity and social cohesion. The Catholic church has not been immune to this shift, and membership numbers have declined.

In the U.S., the political situation within the church has mirrored that of the nation at large- a growing divide is evident. While the church has attempted to “modernize” over the last several decades, sharply departing from the teachings of the past days and has become much more relaxed and loose in many of its stances (such as on issues like Gay marriage), the newest waves of young men entering the clergy in America have been overwhelmingly conservative. This has been evidenced in parishes across the country, with one in Wisconsin being reported on by the Associated Press in an honorable mention snippet.

Pope Francis, the current leader of the church, has definitely been a controversial figure in recent years, routinely weighing in on American politics. He had been a strong criticizer of Donald Trump when he served as president. In a recent report, the pope alleged that American Catholics that want to return to traditional  practices have “suicidal” attitudes.