Three UK Men Arrested for Charges Involving Terrorism

Three men were recently arrested by Greater Manchester Police on allegations of commissioning, preparing, and instigating acts of terrorism, in the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester, which is a county in northwest England.

Greater Manchester Police arrested the trio in three separate locations after issuing search warrants for the suspects. The trio included three unnamed men, aged 35, 36, and 51 years old. The search warrants were issued around 7:30 PM BST to the surrounding counties of Bolton, Great Lever, Abram, and Hindley, where officers remain to further investigate the situation.

Greater Manchester Police stated that there is no greater threat to the public than terroristic plots in this day and age, and are taking active measures to keep the information away from the general public to avoid disruption amongst residents.

All three unnamed suspects were captured and taken into police custody for questioning. Police currently remain in the previously stated areas to address inquiries under Britain’s Terrorist Act 2000.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts, who is responsible for countering terrorism in northwest England, stated to the press that the force has executed several warrants as a part of their ongoing investigation regarding the three individuals and their terroristic conspiracies. Potts confirmed that all three men had been taken into custody for questioning and the upcoming processing of the charges pinned against them.

At this time, it is unknown who the three suspects are, where they came from, and what terroristic plans they had planned to carry. Potts stated to the press that police are holding back on releasing information about the situation to “minimize disruption” to residents. Potts reassured the public that he understood that during difficult times such as this, the general public will have concerns. Potts further reassured the public by stating that the force does not believe that any greater threats are lingering that may be linked to the recent plot that had initially occurred.