Times Square Displays Footage Of Migrants Attacking Cops

In an effort to exert pressure on President Joe Biden and his administration on its border policy, a conservative organization is providing funds for a billboard in Manhattan, New York, that depicts the illegal migrants who assaulted police officers last month.

Video of the Times Square incident, which went viral last month and stoked the fierce debate on how to safeguard U.S. borders, is featured on the billboard from the Job Creators Network.

The network reports that this terrible event highlights the fact that the worsening situation at the southern border is affecting small companies and all Americans.  It links to SecureOurBordersNow.com, where anyone may add their signatures to a petition calling on President Biden to take action.

After several people disobeyed police instructions to vacate a sidewalk, the assault began. Yohenry Brito (24) has been jailed on a $15,000 bond for his suspected involvement in the incident.  Customs and Immigration has taken two of the accused into custody.

Democrats and President Biden claim that Republicans missed an opportunity to strengthen the border security measures as part of a massive national security package that would have also aided Israel and Ukraine. The measure was obstructed by Republicans who said it weakened the border component and would not pass in the House.

According to former President Trump, Biden could quickly go back to the measures he enacted during his presidency to limit the influx of illegal migrants.

Elaine Parker, the primary spokesperson for the Job Creators Network, said that Biden needs to cease manipulating the southern border for political purposes.  The government is well-equipped to take action.

On February 24th, 22 State Attorneys General, led by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Brenna Bird of Iowa, and Lynn Fitch of Mississippi,  issued a warning on the loss of nearly 85,000 migrant children, as revealed in a report conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services.  They said in the letter that research released earlier this month suggests a significant number of minors may be involved in the labor market or are victims of sex trafficking.