Top Dem Expresses Concerns Over Migrants & Crime Rate

Reports show during a news conference on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams voiced his fear that the city’s migrant problem may lead to an increase in violence.

At a press conference, Adams noted that the city is facing problems caused by immigrants who are unable to work lawfully in the United States. According to health and human services, just 2,200 of the over 100,000 migrants who have arrived in the city have been granted work permits.

Adams said people only consider the influx of people when he brings up the catastrophic effects of migrants and asylum seekers. Cuts to services and budgets are unintended consequences of this. Adams made the comment that, as the adage goes, “the devil’s workshop” refers to a lack of opportunity and an idle mind.

While Adams and the White House have discussed ways to tackle the massive problem, the federal government still hasn’t stepped in, according to Adams.

In a recent statement, Adams accused his fellow city council Democrats of having an extreme left-wing agenda.

A report shows that Adams ran on a platform of strengthening law enforcement and ending the city’s crime epidemic, and he won. The vast majority of his fellow Democrats, however, continue to support his progressive stance on police brutality and crime.

Adams said the immigration policy is fueling a lot of the problems that manifest physically as a catastrophe.

Last September, Adams said that due to the inflow of migrants, all municipal programs and services would be subject to a 5% budget decrease. Adams worried that the crisis’s impact would become more apparent as the city continued to receive migrants.

Last November, Adams said that a group of female Venezuelan illegal migrants were to blame for an increase in prostitution in a Queens area. These migrants are having a hard time finding other jobs in New York City.

As the mayor put it, it’s one illustration of how the nation’s protracted immigration issue is affecting the city is the spike in illegal activities happening on the streets of Corona.