Trump Accused Of Misnaming Melania As ‘Mercedes’

Donald Trump’s cognitive capacity is once again under scrutiny after commentators said he wrongly referred to his wife as “Mercedes.” Several people took to social media to claim that Trump is suffering from cognitive decline, and this was another example. Political consultant Rick Wilson argued that if Joe Biden called his wife “Janice” instead of Jill, it would result in several news articles about the President’s mental health.

Political commentator Luke Beasley made similar remarks and asked why the media is not covering Trump’s mistake. Later, however, Mercedes Schlapp posted to Twitter that the former President was referring to her and not his wife, Melania. She posted an article from Britain’s Independent newspaper, which covered the story, and called it “fake news at its finest.”

Schlapp is a conservative CPAC host and former strategic Senior Adviser to the Trump administration.

A spokesman for the former President said “crazy leftists” suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” were responsible for the misunderstanding and the inaccurate public reaction.

Nevertheless, the former President has been forced to reassure supporters about his health numerous times in recent months. When he appeared to confuse his Republican competitor Nikki Haley with former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Trump told backers at a campaign event that his mind is in better shape than it was 25 years ago, and he would let them know if he starts to “go bad.”

Nikki Haley has made her competitors’ ages central to her campaign and says America needs new and younger leaders. She is likely, therefore, to receive a boost from a video produced by the anti-Trump Super PAC, the Lincoln Project. Entitled “Donald Trump’s Weekend in 101 Seconds,” the video shows Trump claiming that he won the support of black Americans because he faces criminal indictments, and blacks consider him a victim of discrimination.

The video further shows Trump appearing to agree with Vladimir Putin that Biden would be the better presidential choice.