Trump Accuses Pence Of Making Up False Stories

Former President Trump has accused his former campaign mate, former Vice President Mike Pence, of making up “totally false” allegations about him in response to Pence’s recent criticism of Trump’s proposal to “terminate” portions of the Constitution.

On Wednesday, Trump said on Truth Social that he was just watching Mike Pence make up things about him “which are entirely untrue.”

He said he would never advocate for someone to put himself ahead of the Constitution and never stated that he should.

Pence had urged fellow Republicans to ignore Trump and his supporters’ “siren song of populism” at his speech in New Hampshire on Wednesday. He cited Trump’s proposal to “terminate” sections of the Constitution last year, which he sought to walk back, as evidence that individuals who embrace populism over conservatism destroy constitutional standards.

Trump continued by saying Pence “failed terribly on pointing out voter fraud” in the 2020 presidential election.

The former president criticized his former vice president for turning to the “dark side” in another tweet on Wednesday, presumably with the 2024 presidential race in mind.

Trump said for seven years, Mike Pence only said kind things about him. He questioned why Pence didn’t do “this three years ago.” He said the same about the Department of Justice and Deranged Jack Smith, asking why they didn’t bring these bogus indictments years ago.

Trump tweeted that he is crushing DeSanctiminouoius and the rest of the field in the polls and trouncing Joe Biden in almost every survey, “So why did they wait until now?”

Pence’s latest statements are part of a more extensive strategy to establish himself as a more conventionally conservative GOP figure in contrast to his rivals, whom he claims depend on populism in the form of Trump and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

Even still, the former governor of Indiana has not seen any significant improvement in his standing among Republican primary voters. He has just around 6% support among potential Republican primary voters, according to recent polls, while Trump has 60%.