Trump Calls WWIII “The End Of The World”

Donald Trump recently told radio host Mark Levin that the next great conflict would end the world rather than merely a new global war.

An interview with the former president, seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2024, aired on Sunday’s episode of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” during which Trump warned that the United States of America is in the most dangerous time in its history.

Trump said you don’t discuss that word; it’s a no-go zone. He believes the scope of this war is not just international.

“It’s not World War III.” Trump prefers to call it the end of the world.

In Trump’s mind, it might as well be Armageddon. The current situation in Russia and the United States enters his analysis. 

He noted that Russia had just kidnapped a journalist, which is unprecedented in the media. He said it’s unlikely that anything like that has happened in the last few decades. 

He also remarked that having a leader who doesn’t realize what’s going on puts us in the most precarious position our country has ever been in. Trump had nothing good to say about the current president Joe Biden.

“He just doesn’t know what’s going on,” Trump declared.

He said everyone tries to put their best foot forward and act optimistic about it. But, he said, likely, our species will eventually go extinct because we’re talking about weapons with unimaginable destructive potential.

Trump reminded the listeners that he was there (in the Oval Office); thus, he could speak to the situation with more authority than anyone else. Sadly, some people are unaware of this, so they use tough talk when they should use gentle words and gentle language when they should use tough talk.

Trump said everything you’ve heard from the Biden administration is “wrong.”

He concluded by saying the uneasy mood and the unsettling atmosphere in the country today can be primarily traced back to the leadership in charge.