Trump Camp Calls Ron DeSantis’ Latest Act “Out Of Touch”

In response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement on Twitter that he will run for president in 2024 as a member of the Republican Party’s primary ticket, the Make America Great Again Inc. PAC is launching a barrage of attacks.

MAGA PAC spokesman Karoline Leavitt said the Desantis camp had perhaps the most out-of-touch campaign debuts in modern times. The DeSantis after-party at Miami’s ultra-exclusive Four Seasons resort was described as illustrative of how tone-deaf the Governor is.

Leavitt’s lengthy statement enumerated the differences between Trump’s campaign and DeSantis’ voting record.

She said with each passing day, Americans are realizing how out of step DeSantis is, how unelectable he is, and how he’s not quite ready to serve as president. 

She enumerated the reasons:

-He voted to cut Social Security and Medicare 

-He supported a national sales tax that would raise taxes on 90% of families

-He voted in favor of Obama’s TPP that sent jobs to China

-He voted against funding for President Trump’s wall

In contrast, Leavitt said President Trump is ready to turn our country around on day one.

He will reverse Biden’s disastrous policies and make America great again.

The Trump campaign’s spokesman Steven Cheung posted a screenshot of DeSantis’s announcement that he was running for president, which wrongly said that the announcement event would take place on March 24 rather than May 24.

DeSantis’s new website, as of Tuesday afternoon, contained simply an image of a gator’s head peeking out of the water, which Cheung and another Trump campaign aide, Chris LaCavita, mocked on social media.

A poll taken in the middle of May showed that Trump was 38 points ahead of DeSantis, a dramatic shift from a year ago when the governor of Florida was widely seen as the future of the Republican Party.