Trump Claims Haley Is Embarrassment To Her Husband

Due to the low turnout at her campaign event, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was criticized by former President Donald Trump as embarrassing to her military spouse.

Trump said the polls showed Nikki collapsing and is behind Presiden Biden by 15 points. According to a post by Trump last week on Truth Social, she has no reason to attend the South Carolina Primary.

Reports show that in preparation for the primary in South Carolina on February 24, the two Republican contenders are making wrap-up preparations. She has devoted a great deal of time to her home state throughout the last two weeks.

There is no letup in the former president’s advantage in South Carolina’s polls. He savagely defeated Haley in New Hampshire, Nevada, and Iowa primaries.

Major Michael Haley, who is married to Nikki Haley, is in the South Carolina Army National Guard and is now serving in the Horn of Africa. Trump said his return home would be a huge boon to her flagging campaign. Her rally the other day was almost empty.

Despite proof that she had two extramarital relationships before running for governor, Nikki Haley vehemently disputes the allegations.

According to new witnesses, Haley has denied two encounters that occurred in 2008, even though the trysts were well known to other South Carolina politicians and were very public.

In 2010, before she became governor of South Carolina, two men,  Larry Marchant (61) and Will Folks (49), signed affidavits swearing that they had sexual affairs with her.

Although many news sites reported on the affidavits, they were never published except in Folks’  blog.

Haley rejected both accusations and said she remained completely faithful to her husband of 28 years, the father of their two children, who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.  She says he is the reason she is running for president.