Trump Claims He Wants to Take the Stand in Hush Money Trial

Former President Donald Trump may have to back his words of testifying at his ongoing Manhattan business-fraud case, however many of his critics, as well as legal teams and allies believe that it would be in Trump’s best interest not to testify at his trial. In early April, the day before the Manhattan business trial began, trump told Florida reporters that he would testify if necessary.

However, Trump’s words may be called to action, as his ongoing fraud trial will close within the next week. Currently, Trump’s legal team is deciding whether or not the former president will have to present himself as a witness in front of the jury. There is already a verdict in Trump’s fraud trial, and it comes from his political allies as well as legal experts who unanimously claim that Trump would be a “fool” to testify. Many of Trump’s supporters already believe that the trial itself is election interference claiming that Democratic prosecutors have not yet proven their case, so a testimony from Trump would be unnecessary.

Former prosecutors of the case also believe that it would not be good for Trump to take the stand as he would become vulnerable to case-proving questions such as the truth behind his intimate relations with adult actress Stormy Daniels, whom the business fraud case has built itself around. Stormy Daniels has claimed that the former president paid her $130,000 during his 2016 presidential campaign to stay silent about her claims that the two had an affair back in 2006, which has landed Trump in court this year on multiple counts of fraud.

Many surrounding the case believe a Trump testimony would not be positive because he is Donald Trump. In the past, Trump has had known outbursts during court hearings and violated the gag order placed on him ten times. Renato Mariotti, who is a legal analyst, stated that Trump is, “Somebody who’s not controlled.”