Trump Co-Defendant Turns On Former President

Former Trump attorney and current Ron DeSantis for president supporter Jenna Ellis is opposed to Trump running for office again.

Reports show Ellis was one of the lawyers helping Trump and his allies fight the suspicious results of the 2020 elections. State and federal indictments of Trump are the result. Ellis is one of the 18 people accused, along with Trump and his backers, of alleged racketeering in the Georgia elections.

Podcast host (anti-Trump critic and Pharisee) Steve Deace had been discussing Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign with her last week. Jenna Ellis, a host of her own show at American Family Radio called “Jenna Ellis in the Morning,” was the forum for this discussion.

Deace haughtily said that because Trump can’t say he’s not god, he should never be elected again. If he were more self-aware, it would give him the drive to achieve his goals.

Ellis suggested that Trump was a friend. She loves and respects him very much as a person, but she believes what Deace said well encapsulated how she felt as a voter.

Last year, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) enacted legislation dismantling Disney’s private government, former Trump campaign legal counsel Jenna Ellis vowed to defend Disney.

On Twitter, Ellis posted the link to an article about her disagreement with DeSantis regarding the legislation. She also left an open invitation to help defend Disney’s right to constitutionally free speech against Florida’s unlawful reprisal.

In a second post, Ellis emphasized the importance of fairness and reasonability in policy and legislation. Not vindictive in light of the state legislature of Florida’s attempts to abolish Disney’s form of self-governance.

While she disagreed with Disney, she defended their freedom of free speech and to support or oppose legislation without fear of retaliation from the government. Their clients are justified in responding with their wallets. She stated that DeSantis had gone too far.

According to a report, Ellis said DeSantis and other Florida Republican lawmakers had openly stated and boasted about revenge being their purpose.
(If only DeSantis were more “self-aware.”)

The report shows the Florida Republican governor has criticized Disney for speaking out and opposing an education bill. They also painted the movie maker as a promoter of a “woke” philosophy that injects unsuitable themes into Disney films aimed at youngsters.