Trump Comments on Possibility of UFOs on Logan Paul’s Podcast

During his first interview following his recent guilty convictions in the Manhattan hush money trial, former President Donald Trump sat down on the Impaulsive podcast to discuss an array of topics. Hosted by influencers Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, the three men discussed topics such as Trump’s recent conviction, upcoming Presidential debates, as well as UFOs. 

During the podcast, Trump acknowledged that there very well could be alien life in our universe, but that he wasn’t entirely convinced on the matter. Trump spent multiple minutes discussing the topic with his hosts, as well as discussing whether or not unidentified anomalous phenomena were alien life forms. Trump stated that personally, he is not a believer in aliens but has been around individuals who have seen “some really strange things” flying in our atmosphere. 

The term UAP has become a hot commodity in U.S. Congress within the past year, with small numbers of House members questioning the U.S. military over the claims that they are withholding information regarding extra-terrestrial lifeforms or super technologies. Both hosts raised their concerns over the conspiracies, however, Trump continued to downplay the claims. The former President stated that he spent a significant amount of time during his period in office to examine the phenomena, but stated that he does not believe the government is keeping information about the topic from the public. During Trump’s time in office, the U.S. Government confirmed that UFOs did exist, in which the term UAP derives from that era.

In March of this year, a Pentagon report stated that it found “no evidence” that the government or any private companies have reverse-engineered any extra-terrestrial technology, as well as not confirming any UAP sightings having alien origins. This report however contradicts the many whistleblower claims which had been made without any evidence. 

Although Trump stated that he was not a believer in aliens, he stated that they could be real.