Trump Drops Major Hint About RNC Shakeup

Former President Donald Trump hinted at potential changes within the Republican National Committee (RNC) during a recent interview. When questioned about Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s performance, Trump acknowledged that “some changes” might be on the horizon.

Concerns have been raised about the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) financial condition, with Federal Election Commission (FEC) documents showing a cash reserve of just $8 million. This amount is the smallest since 2014. The RNC’s fiscal difficulties are under scrutiny, mainly after Republicans did not perform as anticipated in the 2022 midterms and experienced a lackluster election night in 2023. During this election, they lost control of the Virginia General Assembly and were unsuccessful in defeating Democratic Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky.

During the “Sunday Morning Futures interview,” host Bartiromo raised the issue of the RNC’s financial struggles under McDaniel. She pointed out that the Democrats seemed to have the upper hand regarding fundraising and spending. Bartiromo highlighted the RNC’s pursuit of credit lines and its lowest bank balance since 2016. She also mentioned that the Michigan GOP defaulted on a loan of half a million dollars from Comerica.

In response to Bartiromo’s remarks, Trump emphasized that he possessed substantial financial resources and that people were not paying enough attention to the RNC. He suggested that changes were necessary, emphasizing that he had no direct involvement with the committee.

Despite facing criticism for the disappointing election outcomes, McDaniel successfully defended her position as RNC Chairwoman in January 2023. She received 111 out of 168 votes in the chairman election, securing her position for now.

McDaniel’s tenure as RNC Chairwoman has not been without controversy. In November, she clashed with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who called for her removal during a GOP debate.

When specifically asked about McDaniel’s performance, Trump acknowledged her successful management of his campaign in Michigan but expressed the need for potential changes within the RNC.

The RNC has not provided a comment in response to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request.

It remains to be seen how the potential changes suggested by Trump may impact the future direction and operations of the Republican National Committee.