Trump Fires Back At Media For Taking Comments Out Of Context

Donald Trump last week blasted the media for deliberately misrepresenting his recent comments warning of a “bloodbath” for the country if he was not elected in November, ABC News reported.

During a March 16 campaign rally for Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno outside of Dayton, Trump warned that if President Biden was reelected, the US auto industry would be outsourced to Mexico and vowed to impose tariffs on auto imports if he defeated Biden and retook the White House.

Trump followed up on this to warn that if he was not elected, it would “be a bloodbath for the whole country.”

The media, eager to portray Trump as a danger to the country, portrayed his “bloodbath” comment to suggest that the former president was threatening violence if he lost again in November.

With the media framing quickly set, the Biden campaign seized on Trump’s comments to accuse the former president of inciting violence.

In a statement released just hours after Trump’s comments, Biden campaign spokesman James Singer linked Trump’s “bloodbath” remark to his support for the January 6 rioters and claimed that the former president wanted “another January 6.”

Singer vowed that American voters would reject Trump’s “affection for violence” and “thirst for revenge” when they went to the polls in November.

President Biden’s X account reposted a video clip of Trump’s comments and claimed that it was “clear” Trump wanted “another January 6.”

Trump posted on his Truth Social account last Monday accusing the media of “viciously” misquoting him as a way to “keep control.” He claimed that the media “fully understood” that he was referring to the auto imports President Biden was allowing “which are killing the automobile industry.”

Faced with blowback from conservative media outlets as well as the Trump campaign, most media outlets have since updated their articles to reflect that Trump was addressing the auto industry.