Trump Releases “Quantum” Blueprint To Transform America 

( Former President Donald Trump took another step in his campaign for the presidency in 2024, releasing a bold plan that he believes will revitalize the country. 

The new plan, which he dubbed the “quantum leap” plan, was released to the public through a new video he released on his social media platform, Truth Social. The video has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms, with millions of views already. 

Trump has called for a campaign based on revitalizing the Make America Great Again slogan/policy that made him famous when he first ran for president back in 2016. This new policy, though, combines his policies that are pro families with beautifying cities, creating cultures of ingenuity and also advancement to facilitate what he’s calling a “quantum leap in the American standard of living.” 

One part of this plan would be to take some of the lands that the federal government owns to create new cities. He says this would go along with the tradition in America of building something from nothing. 

It’s not just building new cities, though; it’s cleaning up blighted communities in various cities throughout the country, which in turn will help to revitalize certain industries that have gone by the wayside. 

The former president calls for “ugly buildings” to be removed from multiple cities, structures that he said were part of a strategy pushed by leftists that remove people from historic architecture. It’s a plan that was used by the Soviet Union to remove beautiful buildings for more plain ones. 

As Trump explained in his video: 

“One-third of the landmass of the United States is owned by the federal government.”  

He says that “one-half of 1%” of these lands could be used to build what he’s calling “freedom cities [to] re-open the frontier … [and] reignite American imagination.” 

Trump also called for making available new incentives that would result in another baby boom in the country. This would incentivize people to build their families larger than they have been recently. 

Tax benefits are a central part of this plan, with “baby bonuses” made available to younger families so they can afford expanding their families. At the same time, he calls for more plans to be put in place that would help lower costs for cars and homes. 

Trump’s “quantum leap” plan is the next step in his full-fledged effort to capture the White House again in 2024. He was the first person to officially announce his candidacy for president. While two others on the Republican side have since announced their candidacy – former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy – Trump is still the far-and-away favorite to capture the GOP nomination. 

He’s doing a good job of using this time as the frontrunner in the GOP race to get all of his policies out, before other candidates have the chance to potentially cloud the race with the release of policy stances and campaign promises of their own.