Trump Says No Protection For Prince Harry If Elected

Former President Donald Trump has said that if elected President in November, he will not defend Prince Harry. According to Trump’s conversation with a UK news outlet, Harry broke his (grandmother) Queen Elizabeth II’s trust, and it’s unacceptable.

In an interview with British media, Trump said that, in light of Harry’s actions, the Queen’s family had been too kind to him.

Trump accused the Biden Administration of shielding Harry (39) from a conservative think tank’s lawsuit challenging the government of Homeland Security’s decision to issue the royal Brit his visa. The complaint is about whether the government followed the regulations.

Duke of Sussex’s biography Spare revealed his history of drug use.  Since specific drug usage might prevent someone from obtaining a U.S. visa, The Heritage Foundation of Washington, DC, said the agency likely wrongfully issued the visa.

According to Trump, he would not defend the prince. If it were up to Trump, Harry would be on his own.

Nile Gardiner, in charge of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, informed media organizations that their FOIA request for Harry’s immigration records had been rejected. He criticized the agency’s inappropriate efforts to obstruct the think tank’s request.

Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, quit royal life and moved to California in 2020.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away in 2020 at 96 years old.

According to London media, Meghan ultimately decided on the move. The royal couple had been temporarily residing at the mansion of Canadian millionaire Frank Giustra. Giustra has connections to the Clintons and is implicated in one of the Uranium One scandals involving then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was alleged that the Obamas had advised Harry and Meghan on their future outside the royal family.

Harry published his autobiography, Spare, last year, detailing his experiences as a part of the royal family. His mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997, and the biography recounted his battles with sorrow, scrutiny of the press, and family strife.

Meghan’s father, with whom she has a broken relationship, charged his daughter with bringing disgrace to the Royal Family.

Harry discussed his thoughts on becoming a U.S. citizen in an interview with American media. According to Harry, he has considered it but isn’t considering it at the moment.