Trump Stands Defiant Against Lockdowns & Mandates

Ex-President Trump vehemently opposed the reinstatement of COVID-19 limitations such as lockdowns, mask regulations, and vaccination mandates in a video message.

Trump’s remarks came as new COVID-19 versions are causing fear that they may be used to influence the 2024 presidential election.

In a video posted on Truth Social, Trump said that the left-wing crazies are again employing fear tactics about new COVID-19 versions to be ready to reinstate limitations. He argued that the real goal was to sway the 2024 election by reviving COVID fears.

The controversial ex-president said that concerning these new strains, many on the left are working to bring back COVID lockdowns and regulations, stating that in the run-up to the 2024 election, they plan to exploit renewed fears about COVID to justify further lockdowns, more censorship, the use of illegal dropboxes, mail-in ballots, and the distribution of billions of dollars in political payoffs to their supporters.

“Does that ring a bell?” Trump asked.

He said these people are bad news, and we’re dealing with some unwell people. He added that the left and every COVID tyrant should know that “we will not comply, and to not think about taking away freedom.

Trump said they attempted to rig the 2020 election and are doing it again.

Trump said when he returns to the White House, he will use every tool at his disposal to cut off government money to any institution that requires students to wear a mask or get vaccinations.

According to Infowars, the Biden dictatorship plans to impose full COVID-19 lockdowns as early as mid-September, starting with masking rules for TSA and airport staff. Trump’s statements came in response to this claim.

A senior TSA officer reached out to Infowars and said that TSA supervisors were just informed about new memorandums and procedures about the mandatory wearing of masks.

Around the middle of September, the TSA and airport workers will again be required to wear masks while on duty.

The Biden administration reportedly discontinued obligatory mask measures in response to public outcry, but Infowars claims they have been told that these rules would be reinstated by mid-October.

Alex Jones says we’ll be back in full COVID lockdown by December.