Trump Under Scrutiny After Hamas Attack

As the elections of November 2023 present themselves as an “off” year for most federal offices, meaningful state and local elections will occur in states across the country. While these entities of government possess a serious importance to the everyday lives of Americans, having a direct effect on their quality of life, fiscal health, and social stability, the mainstream national media outlets and both major political parties continue to place an overarching emphasis on federal elections which will not occur until 2024. The most notable contest, the battle for the presidency, remains contentious and uncertain. Trump maintains a high double digit lead over his nearest opponents and appears to be the clear frontrunner in the Republican party. In the Democratic party, President Biden enjoys widespread party support and faces only token opposition from Robert Kennedy Jr. While the election is over a year away, things will undoubtedly change before the contest is decided.

For Donald Trump, things have been everything but easy lately. The 45th president faces four criminal indictments and routinely faces a barrage of poor media coverage. In the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in which over 1,000 civilians were murdered, the media has again taken aim at Trump. Some are blaming Trumps decision 6 years ago to share sensitive intelligence with Russia over what was then a plot by ISIS (a terrorist group that Trump largely eradicated).

It is laughable that anyone would blame Trump or a six-year old discussion with a Russian minister. In truth, anyone with any political analytical skills or simple common sense should easily understand that President Joe Biden and his administration are the ones to blame for the recent events. His weak leadership in the White House and an attempt to restore the Iran Nuclear deal which sent billions to the nation closely aligned with terrorists has without a doubt emboldened enemy of the west to take aggressive actions.