Trump Vows To Go After Biden 

Former President Donald Trump has vowed to go after the “Biden crime family” with a special prosecutor if he is re-elected in 2024.

The former president reportedly blames President Joe Biden for his indictment in the state of Florida over allegations that Trump knowingly kept classified documents in his possession after leaving the White House. In a speech given after his arrest and arraignment in Florida, Trump “vowed” to bring Biden to justice for what he viewed as Biden’s direct role in attempting to have him prosecuted and jailed so that he could not be re-elected.

Media critics referred to Trump’s speech as “unhinged.” In addition to criticizing Trump’s post-arrest comments, the media likewise criticized what they called Trump’s new “post-arrest” routine. 

This so-called routine was reportedly to fly to the city where Trump would be arrested, “load a motorcade”, travel to the respective court, go through the process of arraignment, and then hold a speech at one of his resorts that night. 

The Trump 2024 campaign has reportedly profited from Trump’s recent arraignments. In April, reports stated that the Trump campaign had raised “$7 million” since he was indicted in a court in Manhattan. Reports that the campaign had raised millions following the indictment broke as Trump was en route to being arraigned. 

Following his arraignment in Florida, Trump claimed that he would “obliterate” the Deep State when he is re-elected. In a similar fashion to the money raised following the New York arraignment, the Trump campaign soon raised another $2 million.

On Truth Social, Trump made an all-caps post about his intentions to bring Biden and “all others involved” with what he called “election destruction.”  

Trump likewise called out the Biden administration for illegal immigration and stated that the “seal” had been broken on America’s borders and energy sovereignty. With regard to U.S. border and energy sovereignty, Trump vowed that he would “go after” Biden who he regarded as “the most corrupt” president in American history.