Trump’s Frustration with Trial Grows

Over the last several years of American political affairs, things have been increasingly tumultuous. Inflation has soared since Joe Bidens presidency began and was at least partially caused by the presidents reckless spending agenda which infused trillions of dollars of new spending into the federal budget. Levels peaked in late 2022, when spikes in prices reached levels not witnessed since the 1970s and the presidency of Jimmy Carter. At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the nation since Biden took office and reversed many policies that the former president Donald Trump had implemented that appeared to be slowing down the rate of illegal migration into America. Biden and his cabinet have appeared feckless, unwilling or unable to do anything about the massive waves of illegal immigration. There have even been proposals to issue migrants with government ID’s; critics of the plan point out the obvious possibility that once a noncitizen obtains an official government ID, voting and amnesty (and a disenfranchisement of the American electorate) is next. Some voters have taken notice, and Biden, presiding over a period of unrivaled domestic and international chaos remains unpopular.

The former 45th president, Donald Trump, is equally unpopular among the general American public. Despite this, Trump continues to enjoy a commanding lead in most polls which place him at the head of the Republican presidential primary competition for the presidential nomination. Trump carries a double digit lead over a crowded group of candidates. Nonetheless, as unpopular and unappealing as he is to crucial moderate and independent voters, he is also facing four criminal indictments which continue to take up copious amounts of his time which could be devoted to campaigning.

A recent trial which began in Manhattan accuses Trump and his family of committing insurance fraud by intentionally exaggerating the worth of their properties. The suit is for a staggering $250 million. Trump continues to deny wrongdoing.