Tucker Carlson Gets News About Former Staff From Glenn Beck

In an interview with Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson replied to reports about his former crew at Fox.

The editor of The Spectator, Chadwick Moore, has been documenting the widespread firings of Carlson’s employees after he departed Fox News, and Beck asked Carlson if he had heard the latest news.

Carlson said he probably didn’t.

Beck reminded Carlson that when it had been announced that Tucker’s team was all canned by the network, they said nine employees would be kept on staff until mid-July.

Moore reported on July 14th that at 9:00 p.m., Tucker Carlson’s remaining Fox News staff of nine people would be led from the premises. After tonight’s broadcast, HR will be waiting outside the control room to show the remaining producers outside. A former producer for Carlson described it as “degrading.”

It was also noted that after Carlson’s departure, Fox had banned sitting senators who had openly attacked the network. 

Carlson said (qualifying his remark that it wasn’t meant as a defense of Fox) that it’s awful that it’s become standard behavior in corporate America.

Carlson related an experience involving the Human Resources (HR) division that led him to decide not to work with them again.

He said a guy came into his office and told him he could not talk to another employee on a specific subject. He met the individual who had complained about him, stating that Carlson had hurt his feelings or made him uncomfortable because of his ideas, even though he had never met him. He approached him and said, “Hey, here’s my mobile; call me, text me, and if you’ve got a problem, contact me.”

He said an HR department woman informed Carlson that he could not speak to the man.

Carlson said she had no right to decide with whom he may interact.

Ultimately, HR had the last laugh. Carlson was fired in an attempt to shut him up.

He will carry on using Twitter as a platform to air his show.