Tucker Carlson Says Feds Were Planted On January 6th

After being dismissed from Fox News, Tucker Carlson gave his first public interview to Russell Brand’s “Stay Free” on the Rumble video platform.

Carlson started by discussing the reasoning for his show’s debut on Twitter. He said CEO Elon Musk is not his boss. What he’s done for him is what he’s done for every other Twitter user. He has given us all a platform to voice our opinions without censorship.

Carlson had begun airing on Fox News some of the forty thousand hours of video footage that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had released discussing the events of January 6th. Much of this suggested an alternative narrative to the mob of terrorists that Democrats and their lapdog media claimed was unleashed on the Capitol by Trump’s actions and statements.

The ex-Fox News anchor claimed he was “appalled” by what happened that day and felt compelled to speak on it because of the speed with which lies were being spread. The media and politicians framed this as a white nationalist uprising.

Carlson shared that he conducted an interview with Steven Sund, head of the Capitol Police, but Fox News never broadcast it.  He was let go before the interview aired but promised to interview Sund again.  

Carlson said Steven Sund, who worked for Nancy Pelosi, was completely apolitical. He wasn’t a conservative activist. On January 6, Sund was in charge of Capitol Police and claimed that the crowd was full of federal agents. He was in charge of site security, so he would know.

Carlson said that as time passes, it becomes more apparent that the government’s central statements regarding January 6 were fabrications.

According to a report, J6 defendant Dominic Pezzola’s attorney, Roger Roots, claimed at trial that at least 40 clandestine informants were present throughout the brawl. 

According to Roots, on January 6th, the FBI had eight human sources infiltrated among the Proud Boys, while the DC Metro Police had thirteen undercover operatives operating in plain clothes. 

In an appearance with the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government in February, FBI whistleblower George Hill said that on January 6, confidential human sources and undercover officers from the Washington field office were most likely present inside the Capitol.