U.S. Military Reportedly Has “Serious Issues” As Security Flaws Ramp Up

US military preparedness to protect the country has severe concerns, according to Jeremy Hunt.

On “America Reports,” Chairman Jeremy Hunt of Veterans on Duty stated that the Pentagon concentrates on executing woke projects rather than preparing the U.S. military forces for confrontations with rivals like Iran and China.

According to the House Oversight’s website, last month, a hearing on “Ensuring Force Readiness: Improving Force Readiness” was conducted by the Subcommittee involving the border, foreign affairs, and national security.

Analyzing the Effects of Progressivism on an All-Voluntary Military,  members of the subcommittee spoke with experts about how the Biden Administration’s efforts to integrate progressivism into the military had harmed military preparedness and recruiting.

Members of the subcommittee also spoke about how our armed services men and women are demoralized because diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) instruction has been given precedence over training on practical military capabilities.

Senior Research Associate at the Heritage Foundation Brent Sadler testified that the military’s presumed partisanship and liberal causes have negative effects.

One of the DoD’s main organizational tenets is to see everything through the prism of DEI. It is unnecessary, even intentionally detrimental to warfighting ability. In practice, DEI alienates while detracting from creating a well-trained, merit-based force.

Combat effectiveness depends on guaranteeing equality of opportunity because it enables the military to choose from a bigger pool of competent Americans who are prepared to serve their country and their fellow service members.

Jeremy Hunt spoke on how service members desire to remain focused on military goals rather than liberal ideologies.

The outstanding members of our military services never sought to be dragged into the poisonous world of politics. Cabinet members who prioritized political goals above the requirements of our country’s security were the source of these diversions. 

According to Independent Women’s Forum Senior Fellow Meaghan Mobbs, progressivism has hurt recruitment.

She stated that although individual pride and national pride aren’t always linked, they’re probably both significant considerations in the choice to enlist. A curriculum or teaching that places an undue emphasis on the negative aspects of our inviolable traits is harmful to teamwork and morale. Moreover, it is detrimental to national pride to emphasize our differences rather than our similarities.