Vancouver Man With Aggressive Dog Shot Dead After Pointing Gun at Cops

Vadim V. Sashchenko (43) was identified as the man who, according to police, pointed a pistol at them while walking a German shepherd. He was fatally shot by Vancouver Police.

Authorities received a call about a guy brandishing a firearm and a hostile German shepherd that had escaped and bit someone. The guy and dog were apprehended by the police just before 3 PM when the canine attempted to attack a bystander.

According to police, the man then brandished a firearm at one of the policemen, who responded by firing a shot that killed the man. As is customary practice, two officers from the Vancouver Police Department were put on compensated administrative leave. Authorities have said that the footage captured by the body cameras worn by the officers would be examined and made public at a later date.

According to authorities, the German shepherd was tied to a dumpster and remained hostile until a nonprofit organization rescued it. The canine was transported to the Humane Society.

One individual was treated for wounds caused by dog bites.

Local media also interviewed several witnesses who were present during or immediately after the shooting. A strong police presence was reportedly present during the incident.

According to one woman, she and her husband were on their way to a brewery when they saw a man who looked homeless and was walking a German shepherd. As he made his way up the street, acting very agitated. He had a gun, and he gave the middle finger to an officer in a squad car.

Sashchenko was walking his dog and kept going down the street. The German shepherd lunged at another man as he came down this path. The police drove by and asked the man questions. The German shepherd did not bite him.  She then said she heard gunshots.

Sashchenko was fatally shot on June 8 on a Vancouver sidewalk, sustaining several gunshot wounds to the body, according to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office.